Premium Body Butter Base (Renew and Strengthen Blend) with Bukachoil, Bamboo, Cherry Blossom, & Fruit Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Silk Extract

Premium Body Butter Base (Renew and Strengthen Blend) with Bukachoil, Bamboo, Cherry Blossom, & Fruit Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Silk Extract

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Premium Body Butter Base is a blend of the best ingredients available, including butter, oils, antioxidants, & botanical extracts. This product can be used as-is, but most customers whip it to improve the texture, spreadability, and increase volume. The whipping will increase the volume by about 30% and allow for adding essential oils, fragrance oils, & colorants like micas for a unique product. Below is a list of ingredients and benefits.

Note: Jars of this product are not whipped and can be used as-is.

Butter: Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Kokum Butter, and Cocoa Butter
Wax: Sunflower wax
Oil: Cacay Nut, Buriti, Jojoba, Pomegranate Seed, Evening Primrose Seed (10% GLA), Hibiscus Seed,
Antioxidants: All 8 Types of Vitamin E (Tocopherols & Tocotrienols), Vitamin C(Ascorbyl Palmitate), Carnosic Acid(Rosemary Extract).
Botanical Extracts: Bamboo Extract, Cherry Blossom Extract, AHA Fruit Extract. Southwest Cactus Extract, Silk Extract, Bukachoil(Natural Retinol Alternative)

All of these are ingredients we offer in the store and can be purchased individually. These ingredients can be further researched in detail by typing the ingredient's name into the search bar on the store home page. To keep this listing simplified, I will provide a brief description of the benefits of the formula.

This blend of butter provides intense moisturization. The addition of Kokum Butter & Sunflower wax (Vegan & Non-Hydrogenated) helps create a protective barrier that seals in the active ingredients.

The plant oils selected for this blend provide unique properties to help skin reach optimum health.
•Cacay is relatively new to the cosmetics market and contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A (Retinol). Cacay has been found to contain three times as much Vit A as Rosehip Seed Oil & twice as much Vit E as Argan Oil.
•Buriti is known for its diverse nutritional content, but one of the most notable is its high levels of carotenoids that give it a deep red color. Carotenoids can stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin to increase its density, elasticity, and firmness. In addition, carotenoids can repair and regenerate these protein fibers after damage by UV light. Carotenoids help stimulate epidermal regeneration, helping to soften and smooth skin.
•Pomegranate Seed Oil is one of the few sources of Punicic acid, which has been proven to protect collagen fibers found in the skin, accelerate wound healing, and reduce the appearance of scars. The anti-inflammatory property of punicic acid has also effectively addressed skincare ailments like eczema and psoriasis.
•Borage Oil contains a unique fatty acid known as GLA, which has many benefits, including increased epidermal barrier function, which reduces water loss helping skin maintain proper moisture levels.

Botanical Extracts:
•The silica from bamboo extract improves skin health by helping the body absorb essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which help build collagen. Bamboo extract also offers anti-irritant properties, soothing the skin when applied directly through lotions or creams. It also contains antioxidants, helping to minimize wrinkles and naturally boost youthful radiance.
•Cherry Blossom Extract repairs the skin's natural barriers and reduces inflammation and oxidation damage that leads to aging.
•AHA Fruit Extract will improve moisture while simultaneously increasing collagen and glycosaminoglycan production. It can reverse the skin's degeneration and thinning, resulting in smooth, wrinkle-free skin and a rejuvenated complexion. The acids AHA found in this extract will also work to help brighten skin, shed dullness, and deliver much-needed therapeutic benefits so you can shine.
•Southwest Cactus Extract is a blend of several succulent species native to the American Southwest and known for protecting plants in harsh conditions. The benefits for skin include UV & sun damage protection and defending the skin from environmental stresses such as windy conditions and low humidity that typically cause dry, flaky, and itchy skin.
•Bukachoil "ba-koo-chee-ol” is a rare extract that contains a very pure and concentrated form of retinol. Unlike the synthetic retinol found in many products, this natural form will not cause any reactions or photo sensitivities, so it can be used day or night. Retinol compounds work by increasing cell renewal and stimulating collagen production.

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