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Who We Are

At Bulk Naturals, we believe in pure living and pursuing sustainable, natural solutions for health and wellness. We offer finished products as well as individual components that help you craft personal care products at home. 

Bulk Naturals is part of a permaculture farm, and we reinvest all proceeds both into our farm and projects supporting the greater area. We are proud members and supporters of the homesteading community here in the Ozarks. We pursue projects specifically geared to the support of this amazing community.

Additionally, we proudly built Bulk Naturals to be a debt-free company. This is part of our commitment to sustainable practices and the homesteading lifestyle. 

Why Buy From Us

Bulk Naturals’ mission is to bring you nothing but the most pure, natural ingredients on the planet. Our plant butters, botanical extracts, and essential oils are sustainably sourced and 100% pure, packaged freshly and provided to create the most healthy, natural ingredients for your health and beauty needs. You can trust us to thoroughly vet the products and ingredients we carry, so you don’t have to. 

We strive to source products from around the world that are sustainable, pure, and undiluted.

At Bulk Naturals, we are firmly committed to providing the highest quality, pure holistic products and ingredients to aid you on your journey to health.

Whether you have practiced holistic and natural care for years or are just getting started, we have products to suit your needs. At Bulk Naturals, you will find finished products and all of the components necessary to craft wonderful personal care products at home.

Our product categories are listed below. Click on each category to discover our wide range of offerings. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about our products, how to order, or need shipping information. Thank you for shopping with Bulk Naturals—here’s to your health!