PANTHENOL Pro-Vitamin B-5 Powder

Panthenol Pro-Vitamin B-5 Powder

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Panthenol (Pantothenic Acid or Vitamin B-5) is present in all living cells. It acts as an essential nutritional component because of its role in forming co-enzyme A. Acetyl-co-enzyme A is produced by the decomposition of carbohydrates, fatty acids, and specific amino acids in the early stages of metabolism. Because of this, it performs a vital role in the metabolism of hydrocarbons. The primary function of acetyl-coenzyme A is to feed activated acetic acid into the citric acid cycle (Krebs Cycle). This, in turn, produces carbon dioxide, water, and energy. Co-enzyme A also transfers other groups, like N-acetyl-glucosamine and acetyl-choline, to help the production of steroids and the resynthesis of fatty acids. Another critical physiological role of co-enzyme A is to help the body detoxify foreign substances. Panthenol is the alcohol analog of the vitamin pantothenic acid. In the living cell, Panthenol is converted to the effective d-pantothenic acid form of the vitamin by several enzymes, including alcohol dehydrogenase.

Features and Benefits
• Panthenol has deep penetrating characteristics, which provide excellent humectant benefits for restoring and maintaining natural skin moisture.
Panthenol can penetrate hair roots and shafts, repairing and strengthening damaged hair.
Panthenol selectively deposits and adheres to damaged areas of hair where it is needed helping to prevent split ends.
Panthenol has good humectant properties, which help to attract and hold moisture on the hair and skin.

Panthenol repairs and strengthens damaged hair reduces split ends and increases tensile strength. The effects on damaged hair are due to this material's penetrating and coating action on the hair shaft. The selective deposition puts PANTHENOL on the damaged areas where it is needed and prevents buildup. Photomicrographic studies document the evidence of effects on damaged hair. PANTHENOL functions effectively as a plasticizer for film formers used in hair sprays and styling mousses. In leave-on hair products, it imparts sheen, luster, and manageability while leaving the hair looking full and natural without oiliness or stickiness. The full beneficial effects of Panthenol may not be realized until the proper concentrations are used or multiple applications have been made. These effects are seen when normal 3-5% concentrations are used in hair care applications. PANTHENOL functions as a solubilizer to bring about or maintain clarity in hydroalcoholic systems and transparent microemulsion gels.

INCI Name: Panthenol
Appearance: white, crystalline powder
pH: 4-7, 6 being optimum
Solubility: highly soluble in water and alcohol but insoluble in fats and oils
Usage Rate: 1-5%
Melting Point: 64.5°- 68.5° C (148.1º - 155.3º F)
Formulation Notes: PANTHENOL can easily be incorporated into the aqueous phase of any formulation
Proper Storage: Store in the original container protected from direct sunlight in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated area

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