99% Sponge Microneedles hydrolyzed sponge spicule powder

99% Sponge Microneedles Hydrolyzed Sponge Spicule Powder • 30X Active Ingredient Penetration

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Cosmetic grade Sponge Microneedles are a naturally derived ingredient from Sea Sponges (Phylum Porifera). Sea sponges are one of the world's simplest multi-cellular living organisms. Sea sponges are considered animals but they grow, reproduce and survive much as plants do. They have no central nervous system, digestive system, circulatory system, or organs.

The slender needles of the sponge range in size from 20-200um and can penetrate deep into the stratum corneum and epidermis. Sponge Microneedles activate the epidermis microcirculation and helps deliver active ingredients deep into the skin. Studies show as much as a 3000% increase in the penetration of actives into the target area with gentle circular motions.  

Sponge Microneedles can help improve the penetration of active compounds that treat acne and help to clear pores and reduce pore size. It can also help with stubborn blackheads and help to control excess sebum.  

Anti-aging • Scar Reduction • Skin Renewal • Penetration Enhancer • Gentle Peeling • Microcirculation • Acne Fighting 

The more of this product you use in a formulation the more you will get a tingling sensation as the microneedles do their job. 

Mixing instructions

1. Do not use the homogenizer after the microneedle is added. 
2. The microneedle sponge should be added to the formula at the last step, and stirred to spread throughout the formula. Avoid using heat.
3. If the formula contains glycerin or any type of glycol such as Propylene Glycol, or Butylene Glycol, mix the Microneedle Sponge with glycerin or glycol first for easier dispersion. Then add it to the product And stir to disperse evenly

INCI Nomenclature: Hydrolized Sponge
Appearance: White Powder
Solubility: Soluble in water.
Suggested Use Levels: 0.1%-15%
Storage: Protected from direct light and humidity at a temperature of 50°-77°F (10°-25°C)
Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacture, properly stored.

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