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Plant-derived Ferulic Acid Powder is a powerful antioxidant that is beneficial in neutralizing environment free radicals that can contribute to premature signs of aging. A reduction in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, inflammation, and an uneven skin tone are just a few of the benefits that make this product a top choice for anti-aging serums and creams. Found in the cell wall of plants like oats, brown rice, peanuts, oranges, and apples, ferulic acid's benefits also include enhancing the activity of other antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, phloretin, and silymarin.  

INCI Nomenclature:  Ferulic Acid
Appearance: Off white to Yellowish Powder
Solubility:  Soluble in Propanediol, Propylene Glycol, Ethoxydiglycol (EDG), Dimethyl Isosorbide (DMI), ethanol,  dispersible in hot water (produces a milky yellow, rather than clear solution) 
Suggested Use Levels: 0.5-1%
Storage: Protected from direct light and humidity
Shelf life: 24 months, properly stored in a sealed container.

Common Uses:  Facial serums, creams, lotions, sunscreen, exfoliant liquids, and scrubs. We recommend adding this ingredient during the heated water phase of a formulation or added at the end as a solution in one of the recommended solvents. 

Don't Use With: Exfoliating acids like glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids because they can alter the pH, which then changes the effectiveness of the antioxidant.

This product should be added to a formulation at the recommended usage rate.

All products sold are cosmetic grade, External Use Only, Cosmetic & Personal Care Formulations Only.

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