Find Out How Bulk Naturals Saved a South African Community

We started this company with a vision of helping our customers build successful small businesses, while also helping the communities from around the world who depend on the money from collecting and farming the raw materials needed to make plant based personal care products. We also go a step further by using a portion of our proceeds for regenerative agriculture on our 27 acres farm in the Missouri Ozarks. Soon to come will be our Non-Profit Food-4-Families, which aims to both educate and provide food for the low income families in our area. 

When my colleague Lyn contacted me with a proposition to help an African community that found itself in an unexpected situation, I knew I had to do what I could to help. This is the exact sort of thing I live for and why I started this business. Lyn informed me that the Marula Oil producers had sent off a sizable shipment of product and the buyer did not make payment as agreed upon. This left them in a position of not being able to purchase the Marula Nuts from 100's of local harvesters throughout the region. These communities count on the funds coming from outside their economy to fund their microbusinesses that produce things like baked goods, bracelets, clothing and much more. Marula Nut collection is a major source of income for these communities in South Africa and without this money the local economies could come to a grinding halt.  

I immediately told Lyn to count me in and send the invoice and payment instructions right away. It took a few days for the transfer and as soon as they received the funds they were off on a 200 mile round trip to visit the communities who collect the Marula Nuts. The picture posted is of one of the collection points and the grateful South Africans who were relieved to receive payment. I dont often get to see the results of my efforts in such a dramatic way and I'll have to say it was extremely satisfying to have the opportunity to help 850 people in the region. 

Click the link below to purchase the Marula Oil that saved a community.


Bulk Naturals Saves a Village by Helping them pay the Villages for collecting Maula Nuts for Oil


  • Dennis Wright

    I made a purchase on December 21st and haven’t received it. It was for Marla Oil with a total charge of $11.62. I see on your website that you have suspended order fulfillment. I would appreciate an update and a refund if you can’t process my order. Thank you!

    Dennis Wright

  • Breanna Toledo

    I ordered but it hasn’t processed and I went to see if there was an update and then checked the website which any orders later will not be fulfilled but I ordered before that was added. I don’t see an option to contact you guys under “contact us”

  • Cheryl

    Being a small business we too seek to keep a circular economy of small businesses. Being a Bulk Naturals customer we know as we grow so do our opportunities to further make a difference worldwide! We’ll done!

  • Bonita

    Reading your story is so heartwarming!
    I am a South African, living in Australia, running a small business.
    Being able to send back to all my family in South Africa myself is what I live for, but being able to support other businesses like yours, who also support these communities, makes everything even better.
    Thank you for having such a big heart!

  • Chessa

    This Is So Heartwarming. It Is So Nice To See Companies Like This One Helping Those Who Are The Reason We Can Even Get These Wonderful Oils And Butters. Thank You

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