Supercritical Co2 Extraction Explained

Supercritical Co2 Extraction Explained

Supercritical is a word that describes a state of matter for a solvent that would normally be a gas at room temperature and pressure. By manipulating the temperature and pressure of the solvent it becomes a liquid capable of extracting the active ingredients from a wide range of plant material. While most people are familiar with Co2 being what makes soda pop fizzy, in its supercritical state it becomes an ideal liquid solvent. Co2 is used since it leaves no harmful solvent residue and evaporates completely from the extract at room temperature.

One of the best things about Co2 extraction is that it's possible to isolate very specific fractions from the plant materials based on molecular weight. This helps to separate unwanted compounds and concentrate the desired compounds. Its especially useful to produce 100% natural plant based scents from plants that cant be distilled or cold pressed like most essential oils. Typically you have two options, lab blended fragrance oils or extremely expensive absolutes produced with petroleum derived solvents.

This process is used to manufacture our Nature Scents products which offer both the fresh scent of the plant material along with the oil soluble Vitamins, Minerals, Phytonutrients, & other Active Compounds. Nature Scents provide a cost effective solution for adding unique natural scents to your products. This not only gives you an advantage over competitors that use fragrance oils, but gives you additional marketing points since it also provides active ingredients. 

Nature Scent are available in the following scents.
Rose-Cherry-Green Apple-Jasmine-Strawberry
(Coming Soon)Vanilla Bean-Red Raspberry-Cucumber Melon-Hibiscus Mint-Pomegranate-Mango-Mango Papaya-Goji Berry-Orange Blossom-Coconut-Peppermint-Patchouli-Grape-Green Tea-Cucumber-Apple Cinnamon

We also offer several other Co2 Extracted Essential oils Including:
Calendula Essential Oil Co2
Roasted Coconut Essential Oil Co2
Turmeric Essential Oil Co2
Roasted Coffee Essential Oil Co2
Lemongrass Essential Oil Co2