Hibiscus Extract (Oil Soluble) Healing • Anti-Aging • Regenerative • Damaged Skin • Problem Skin

Hibiscus Extract - Oil Soluble

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Hibiscus Extract boasts high levels of Vitamin C and other antioxidants, such as flavonoids, in addition to anti-bacterial properties that can be beneficial for cosmetic use. Vitamin C has been shown to promote anti-aging and antioxidant properties required for collagen production. Collagen is essential in maintaining healthy-looking, young skin. In addition, Vitamin C is involved in the regeneration and maintenance of many tissues. In preliminary research, flavonoids have been utilized to potentially modify allergens, viruses, and carcinogens and may be biological “response modifiers.” Flavonoids found in Hibiscuses may be responsible for the flower's demonstrated ability to heal sores and wounds. In addition to promoting the skin's health, Hibiscus has also been shown to increase the circulation of the skin, which can also enhance the appearance through improving elasticity.

Hibiscus Extract Oil Soluble can be added to various topical products, including moisturizers and cleansers to promote skin-enhancing effects such as improving skin elasticity, providing antioxidant qualities through Vitamin C, and increasing circulation.

Long used for its soothing qualities in herbal teas, the Hibiscus is known for its vibrant, delicate-looking blooms and high levels of antioxidants. Hibiscus Extract can provide cooling relief by dilating the pores and invigorating the senses. It has also been shown to improve the elasticity of the skin and help heal sores and wounds.

This flower only blooms once, a long-standing symbol of delicate beauty and gentleness. Opening its bloom in the morning and receding as night falls. However, the bloom never wilts, even if plucked from its stem, helping the Hibiscus symbolize immortality. Often used as an accessory to accentuate a woman as the “Perfect Bride,” fruitful, of beauty, and one with God, the bloom demonstrates the immortality of an ever-lasting love found in marriage. When worn behind the left ear, the blossom helps promote a woman as eligible, while adorning the right ear with the bloom warns potential suitors that the woman is spoken for.

Benefits of using Hibiscus Extract Oil Soluble

• Healing
• Anti-Aging
• Regenerative
• Damaged Skin
• Problem Skin

INCI Nomenclature: Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil & Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis Flower Extract
Appearance: Clear to Yellow Hazy Liquid
Solubility: Oil Soluble
Suggested Use Levels: 1.0-10.0%
Suggested Applications: Conditioning & Nourishing
Refractive Index: 1.4680 – 1.4780
Formulating Guidelines: This product can easily be incorporated into anhydrous formulations or added to the oil phase of an emulsion
Storage: Protected from direct light and humidity at a temperature of 50°-77°F (10°-25°C)
Shelf life: 12 months, properly stored, in a sealed container.
This product should be added to a formulation at the recommended usage rate.

This product is cosmetic grade & for external use only.

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