Black Jamaican Castor Oil

Black Jamaican Castor Oil

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Black Jamaican Castor oil, which is pressed from the seeds of the Castor Bean plant, has been used for health and beauty for a millennium. It is massaged into nails and calluses and added to shampoos and conditioners to treat split hairs and add volume. Slow to go rancid when the oil is kept closed at a temperature below 18°C and kept away from light. Black Jamaican Castor Oil is well known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties that are believed to help slow or even stop the spread of germs. Because this oil is synthetic-free and all-natural, it’s safe to apply directly to the skin without any risk of infection or side effects.

Botanical Name: Ricinus Communis
Extraction Method: Expeller Pressed
Processing Type: Refined
Obtained From: Seed
Origin: India
Appearance: Pungent, and dark brown.
Aromatic Description: Black Jamaican Castor Oil has a smoky, nutty aroma.
Consistency: Thick-density oil.
Absorption: Very Slow Absorption Rate- Feels heavy, leaving an oily protective barrier on the skin.

Common Uses: Black Jamaican Castor oil is widely used throughout the cosmetic and personal care industry for standalone applications as well as an integral ingredient in formulations. Common products manufactured with castor oil include soap, hand creams, hair conditioners and balms, styling products, and everyday topical cosmetic items. Additionally, Black Jamaican Castor Oil is also used for several industrial applications such as in the manufacturing of lubricants, coatings, and adhesives.

CoA-LOT: BN223111/C
CoA-LOT: BN22040/C  
CoA-LOT: BN1500611122/C
CoA-LOT: BN20008/C

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