Sunflower Wax Vegan Pastilles - Non-Hydrogenated

Sunflower Wax Vegan Pastilles - Non-Hydrogenated

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Sunflower Wax is a popular vegan alternative in cosmetic and personal care formulations. This wax is produced by the winterization of sunflower oil, which involves freezing sunflower oil to precipitate the wax portion, unlike many other oil-derived waxes that are hydrogenated. The wax consists of long-chain saturated C-42 to C-60 esters that correlate to hardness, crystalline structure, and a high melting point. It is an excellent emulsifier with a higher melting point than other wax options. Sunflower wax can improve the consistency of a product, binding oil and water together to create a smoother texture. It has excellent properties for products that may be exposed to higher temperatures such as carrying a lip balm around with you in the summer weather.

Sunflower Wax is used as an alternative for Beeswax, Rice Bran Wax, Carnauba Wax, and Candelilla Wax in many formulations. It is light in color and has a very low odor and can be used a 1-25% depending on the application.

Formulators use Sunflower Wax in applications for lipsticks, mascaras, decorative cosmetics, lip balms, emulsions, and candles. Sunflower Wax can be used as a thickener to improve oil binding, emollient, film formation, and lubricity. This wax is harder than Beeswax but softer than Carnauba Wax.

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