Moringa Oil - Virgin

Moringa Oil - Virgin

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Moringa seeds contain 38-40% oil and are considered suitable for many cosmetic  uses. In areas where Moringa is cultivated the oil is often referred to as Ben because of its high concentration of Behenic Acid which is often used to give hair conditioners and moisturizers their soothing properties. It is a stable raw material with high resistance to oxidation a high concentration of vitamins A and C, unsaturated fatty acids, and antioxidants. Virgin Moringa Oil contains many nutritional compounds, including monounsaturated fats, protein, sterols, and tocopherols.

Botanical Name: Moringa oleifera
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Processing Type: Unrefined
Obtained From: Seeds
Origin: India
Appearance: Golden-yellow to dark green.
Aromatic Description: Has a natural characteristic scent
Consistency: Lightweight
Absorption: Very Fast Absorption Rate- Considered a “drying oil” quickly absorbed by the skin and does not leave an oily feel.

Common Uses: Virgin Moringa Oil is emollient and has skin moisturizing properties which is why it's used in personal care and in the cosmetic industry as an oil base for creams, lotions, lipsticks, powders, skin ointments, face cleansers, body shampoos, soaps, and body butter. It has been used as a medicinal folk cure and as a topical, cosmetic ingredient since ancient times. Today, Virgin Moringa Oil is manufactured for a wide range of cosmetic and nutritional uses.

CoA-LOT: BN009023/C
CoA-:LOT: BN008923/C
CoA-LOT: BN202204001/C 
CoA-LOT: BN15107106211/C

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