Off White Kojic Acis Crystals for pigmentation and brightening skin tone, used in soap and cosmetics.

Kojic Acid - Water-Soluble • Skin Brightening • Hyper-Pigmentation • Treats Sun Damage

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Kojic Acid (5-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethyl-4-pyrone) may be used in cosmetics to lighten the skin and to treat skin diseases like melasma.  It inhibits the formation of tyrosine, the amino acid responsible for melanin production. It also treats skin conditions such as blemish scars, age spots, and sun damage. Kojic Acid is a powerful antioxidant and brightening ingredient derived from the fermentation process of certain species of Acetobacter, Aspergillus, and Penicillium. It can be used in sunscreens and after-sun products, makeup products, skin-lightening products, anti-aging products, & creams, and lotions. 

Typically, Kojic acid starts showing results within two weeks. If you want to see faster results, its effects have been boosted when combined with glycolic acid or hydroquinone. Two double-blind studies concluded that combining 2% kojic acid with 2% hydroquinone and 4% kojic acid with 5% glycolic acid works efficiently on pigmentation. The combinations showed visible results in 52% of cases of pigmentation. However, you should strictly avoid overdosage of kojic acid (beyond 4%) as it may lead to severe skin irritation and sensitivity.

INCI Nomenclature: Kojic Acid
Appearance: Off-White Glossy Powder
Solubility: Water Soluble
Suggested Use Levels: 1-4%, 1-2% is recommended to reduce the chance of skin irritation
Formulating Guidelines:  Add to the warm water phase of the formula (25-40°C/77-104°F). It can oxidize and lose some of its activity if put into hot water (>40°C/104°F). Can be combined with other skin lighteners.
pH: 3-10 (4-7 ideal)
Storage: Protect from light and store in a cool, dry location.
Shelf life: 36 mos+

This product should be added to a formulation at the recommended usage rate.

Common Uses: Kojic Acid is used topically to treat a number of different cosmetic conditions. Its primary effect is to lighten visible sun damage, age spots, or scars. This can result in an anti-aging effect on the skin. It contains some antimicrobial properties. Kojic Acid is often used also to preserve or stabilize colors in cosmetic products and enhance shelf life through its preservative actions against chemical and microbial degradation.

External Use Only; Cosmetic & Personal Care Formulations Only.

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