70% Organic Dark Chocolate Cocoa Wafers

70% Organic Dark Chocolate Cocoa Wafers

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Chocolate has been long considered "the food of the gods". It has been used for centuries to boost energy and enhance mood. There are over 300 identifiable chemical compounds, chocolate remains one of the most complex and pleasurable foods known to man. Chocolate contains anandamide (a euphoric substance), arginine (a natural aphrodisiac), and tryptophan (a natural anti-depressant). Raw chocolate makes you happy! Dark chocolate is distinguished by the percentage of cacao solids it contains. Our Certified Organic Raw Dark Chocolate Wafers contain 70% cacao and 30% organic cane sugar giving them a good balance between sweetness and the dark chocolate flavor everybody enjoys. Our Certified Organic Raw Dark Chocolate Wafers (70%) are high in the mineral magnesium, essential for helping the heart to pump blood efficiently, building strong bones, and maintaining proper blood pressure. Chocolate also contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants of any food source, exceeding that of red wine, green tea, and many other exotic fruits and vegetables.

Recent scientific studies have shown that chocolate boosts blood flow to the heart, brain, and other organs while having protective effects against heart disease. It has also been shown to be helpful in lowering blood glucose levels. Research also suggests that the flavanols in chocolate may help maintain youthful, beautiful skin. Plus chocolate is a good source of sulfur which promotes healthy skin, nails, and hair. Dark chocolate has been shown to have excellent antioxidant levels exceeding red wine, green tea, and other exotic fruits and vegetables. ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values of dark chocolate (13,120 per 100 grams) exceed those of prunes (5,700), blueberries (2,400), strawberries (1,540), and spinach (1,260). Some possible traditional uses of Raw Organic Dark Chocolate Wafers (70%) may include: Possible mood supportive properties, May support the healthy dilation of blood vessels, Possibly helps improve cellular functioning of cells lining blood vessels, Possibly a super powerful antioxidant,, May support healthy blood flow to the brain, heart and other organs, May support a healthy heart, May lower the oxidative stress of strenuous activities, possibly with recovery, May support healthy digestion, Possibly stimulates healthy kidney and bowel function, May support skin health, May support a healthy cardiovascular system, May support a healthy stress response, May support a calm state of mind, May support strong bones and teeth, Possibly contains more magnesium than any other food, May support healthy blood sugar levels, Reduces free radicals throughout the body, May support breast milk production, May support healthy lipid levels, Endothelial function improved in overweight adults, May support an overall feeling of euphoria and well being.

Constituents of Dark Chocolate Wafers include Minerals: Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, and Sulfur Vitamins: Vitamin C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin A (IU), Vitamin E, Vitamin K Amino Acids: Tryptophan Phytochemicals: Flavonoids, PEA (phenylethylamine), Anandamide, Theobromine, Caffeine, Resveratrol Essential Fatty Acids: Oleic Acid.

This product may melt during shipping if it gets warm. If melting occurs simply place it in the refrigerator or freezer for 1 hour. Then break pieces off as needed. Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Liquor, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Natural Cacao Powder.

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