Handcrafted Shea Butter From Ghana Ivory/White or Yellow/Golden Wholesale

Handcrafted Shea Butter From Ghana Yellow/Golden

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Sizes up to 25 lbs are filtered and packaged in heavy-duty stand-up reclosable zipper bags to ensure your Shea Butter arrives clean and ready to use with maximum shelf life. 25kg bulk sizes are packaged the way they come from Ghana in bulk bags in a box.

Handcrafted traditionally produced Shea Butter from the hard-working women of Ghana at wholesale prices. This Shea Butter is produced the same way they have been making Shea Butter for centuries. Shea nuts from the Karite tree are carefully selected by hand and then gently roasted to unlock the shea butter from the nut solids. Next, they pulverize the nuts by hand into a nut meal that is then gently heated in water to separate the oils from the nut solids, which sink to the bottom. The liquified shea butter floats to the top, where it is removed, solidified, and packaged for export to the United States. A majority of the proceeds from this shea butter go directly to the families in Africa that work hard to produce high-quality shea butter. Many shea butter are processed at large co-op mills that collect and process the nuts reducing the amount of money the women who gather the shea nuts earn.

What's the difference between Yellow & Ivory Shea Butter?
This shea comes in two varieties, and which one you choose is a matter of preference. There is some confusion about yellow shea butter and its origins and why it's yellow. This type of shea is infused with the root bark of the Borututu tree, which gives it a yellow color. Borututu bark has been used in traditional herbal remedies and is packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients. This provides the yellow shea butter with additional skin benefits and healing properties. Some prefer Ivory Shea when making products where the color of the finished product is a concern.



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