Spermidine Liquid Extract • Hair Growth • Anti-Aging • Wound Healing

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Spermidine Liquid Extract is derived from a polyamine that is highly concentrated in wheatgerm. Research has shown that spermidine powder can effectively activate autophagy in the body, helping cells stay fresh and healthy. Autophagy refers to the cellular cleansing process that your body performs. This process helps to remove damaged, inefficient cells and recycle what can still be used. As you age this process slows and can lead to common signs of aging, such as wrinkles, gray hair, hair loss, memory difficulties, and disrupted sleep.

Spermidine has been observed to specifically act on aging skin cells, resulting in a greater production of elastin, collagen, and lipids. This boosts the skin's natural protective barrier, allowing for a plumper, firmer complexion. Additionally, spermidine isn't limited to skin care; it can also improve hair and nail health. Research indicates that it can lengthen the initial phase of the hair growth cycle and reduce hair loss.

Wound Healing:

Topical use of Spermidine significantly accelerated skin wound healing. The administration of Spermidine promoted the uPA/uPAR pathway in wound sites. Moreover, topical treatment with Spermidine enhanced the expression of IL-6 and TNF-α in wound sites. Scratch and cell proliferation assays revealed that Spermidine administration accelerated scratch wound closure and cell proliferation in vitro. These results indicate that treatment with Spermidine promotes skin wound healing through activation of the uPA/uPAR pathway and induction of the inflammatory response in wound sites. The administration of Spermidine might contribute to new effective treatments to accelerate skin wound healing.

INCI Nomenclature: Spermidine Trihydrochloride, Radish Root Fermentation Filtrate
Appearance: Clear to slightly hazy liquid
Solubility: Water Soluble
Suggested Use Levels: 1%-5%
Suggested Applications: Skin & Hair Care Applications
Storage: Protected from direct light and humidity at a temperature of 50°-77°F (10°-25°C)
Shelf life: 24 months, properly stored, in a sealed container.
This product should be added to a formulation at the recommended usage rate.

Common Uses: Skin, hair, and nail health

All products sold are cosmetic grade; External Use Only; Cosmetic & Personal Care Formulations Only.


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