Pheromax® Female Pheromone Concentrate - Professional Grade - Water Soluble

Pheromax® Female Pheromone Concentrate - Professional Grade - Water Soluble

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Pheromones are chemical compounds that are produced by all animals that affect the behaviors and physiology of others within the same species. While most hormones work inside the body and affect only the individual producing them, pheromones are known as ectohormones and act outside of the body to affect the behaviors or, in some cases, the physiology of others. Pheromones trigger many aspects of sexual behavior in animals and insects. Animal behaviors you may not be aware of that are influenced by the release of pheromones include mother-offspring recognition and bonding, leaving behind a food trail for others to follow, marking territory, and warning rivals to stay away.

Typically the use of pheromones in cosmetic products requires adjustments in formulation to account for the additional liquid content. This can be especially challenging in solid formulation products such as body butter, deodorants, & lip balms, among other personal care products. Many pheromones concentrate contain unwanted or undisclosed ingredients making them less than ideal for products that want a natural and organic image. Using a propriety method, our pheromone concentrates are dissolved in 100% Olive derived Squalane oil with nothing else added. Our propriety blends are formulated by industry-leading chemists who specialize in pheromone chemistry. 

These are extremely concentrated products, and 1ml is the amount recommended per 1oz of a perfume-type product. 1oz of most spritz-on perfume products is roughly equal to 100 uses. Each use of the Female Formula at this usage rate results in 40 mcg of pheromone peruse.  When using these concentrates in other products you will want to calculate the average amount used per application to determine how much concentrate to add to your recipe. 

Below are some examples for reference so you can get an idea of how to calculate the needed amount for your product. Its recommended that you determine the amount of your product that is used per application. There are products that advertise 3X pheromones so you can always use more than the recommended amount.

Lip Products: There are an estimated 300 applications in an average-size chapstick tube (5.5ml). Depending on the time of year this could be 1-2 months of applications. Since this is a product used multiple times a day, you would want to aim for 40 - 80 mcg of product per day or 300-600mg (5-10%) of pheromone concentrate per tube.

Body Butter: Body butter usage can vary but averages 2-4 grams per usage, so you get roughly 100-200 uses per pound and possibly much less.  For a body butter-type product, you would want to use 1-2ml of concentrate per pound.  

Roll or Spray on Products: This will depend greatly on the volume dispensed per pump or roll but as a general rule use at 1ml per ounce of product. 

Deodorant: The average deodorant stick is 2.5oz and provides about 100 applications. For this type of product use 1 ml per stick or about 6.5 ml per pound. 

Message oils: The average amount used for a message is 15-30ml, so 1ml of concentrate is recommended per 1.5 liters of product.

Leave-in conditioners: This will vary greatly depending on the length of your hair and 10ml is average.  There are 24 10ml applications in an 8oz bottle, so you would need 0.25ml of concentrate.

INCI Nomenclature: Organic Ethanol , Estratetraenol, Alpha Androstenol
Appearance: Clear liquid
Solubility: Water Soluble
Suggested Use Levels: 0.01-3%
Formulating Guidelines: Mix with water-based products at recommended percentage
Storage: Protect from light and store in a cool, dry location.
Shelf life: 24 months
This product should be added to a formulation at the recommended usage rate.

External Use Only; Cosmetic & Personal Care Formulations Only.

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