Green Caviar Oil (Caulerpa lentillifera) • Oil Soluble Hyaluronic Acid • Mineral Rich • Anti-Inflammatory

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  Green Caviar Oil is obtained from the seaweed Caulerpa lentillifera, a Pacific Oceanic algae composed of strands of tiny pearly-green balls, and named for their resemblance in nutrition and texture to fish roe. It boasts an exceptionally high and diverse bioactive fatty acid profile, along with sea-rich minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. As a sea vegetable and rising star in skincare, it soaks the skin in all the exquisitely nourishing support it has been studied for when ingested, all the while serving as a vegan source of essential micro and macronutrients required to keep skin supple, firm and youthful. 


Caulerpa lentillifera, the source of Green Caviar Oil, is a green macroalgae found in the deep-sea coastal regions of the Asia-Pacific. Traditionally, it was harvested directly from the wild, as a favored edible seaweed for its soft and succulent nature. An exotic delicacy in the cuisines of Southeast Asia, Oceania, and East Asia, today it has become largely commercially cultivated, and most plentifully consumed in the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, and especially in Okinawa, Japan, where inhabitants are world-renowned for their diet-correlated longevity. It is a prized culinary ingredient in salads, garnishes, sushi, and raw on its own, bursting in the mouth with a briny taste of the sea. For its dazzling green bubble-like bead formations, in English as well as in the diverse languages of its consumers, it is known, and translated as “sea grapes” or “green caviar,” though happily for the emerging cosmetic market, it is completely vegan.

This wondrous marine botanical comes brimming with a host of beneficial constituents, suitable for both hair and skin application. It is rich in minerals such as iodine, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, magnesium, copper and calcium, as well as vitamins such as A , E, and K – which, taken together, remineralize skin and hair, contribute to the maintenance and production of collagen, and reduce capillary fragility that attends puffy under-eye dark circles, respectively. As an oil-rich marine organism, green caviar is a generous source of vegan-friendly omega-3 fatty acids, which are strongly anti-inflammatory and moisture-locking, acting as superb protectors of cell membranes and therefore skin integrity and elasticity. A synergistic complex of bioactive fatty acids and esters contained in the oily fraction of green caviar have demonstrated strong anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties, thus kind to sensitive, delicate and acne-prone skin. Minimal heat has been used during the production our cold-pressed, unrefined Green Caviar Oil, which means it retains all these nourishing benefits.

While fairly new to the cosmeceutical world, Green Caviar Oil is fast taking its place as a stellar and unique skinfood and hair repair tonic, when used in serums emulsions, and shampoos. It proves an exquisite addition to any anti-aging formulation targeting fine lines and wrinkles, and bathes reddened, dry, irritated, troubled skin or dulled hair in luxuriant TLC.

INCI: Caulerpa lentillifera Oil & Tocopherol
Appearance: Light Green to Green Oil
Extraction and Processing Methods: Cold Pressed, Unrefined
Solubility: Oil Soluble
pH Stability: 4.0-7.0
Suggested Use Levels: 1.0-10.0%
Suggested Applications: Hydrating, Firming, Conditioning, Revitalizing, Smoothing
Storage: Protected from direct light and humidity at a temperature of 50°-77°F (10°-25°C)
Shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacture. 
This product should be added to a formulation at the recommended usage rate.

All products sold are cosmetic grade; External Use Only; Cosmetic & Personal Care Formulations Only.

CoA-LOT: BN36130/LBE
CoA-LOT: BN32060/LBE

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